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Why Hire An Advisor

Measuring the Value of a Financial Advisor

What’s the value of a good financial advisor?

Three studies found that working with a financial professional can result in higher returns, potentially lower personal stress and producer better after tax results.

Lower Stress

Seventy-six percent of people within 15 years of retirement are stressed when thinking about retirement savings and investments.¹

Working with a financial advisor to develop a written retirement income strategy, however, can increase your confidence and happiness, according to Franklin Templeton’s annual Retirement Income Strategies and Expectations Survey.

With and Without

Investors...Confident with planHappy with plan
With an advisor         91%        92%
Without an advisor         44%        44%

Higher Returns

In addition to providing financial guidance, financial advisors may also add about three percentage points in net portfolio returns over time, according to a study by Vanguard.³

Financial Advisor Advice Components⁴

AdviceAdvice ElementsPotential Added Return to Investor Portfolio
Portfolio ConstructionAsset allocation
Asset location
        Up to 1.2%
Wealth ManagementRebalancing
Drawdown strategies
        Up to over 1%
Behavioral CoachingManaging investor emotions
Aiding decision-making
        Up to 1.5%

Tax Management5

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep! In a future where we’ll likely see rising tax payments, it will become even more important for investors to employ every technique available to help them mitigate the potentially devastating effects taxes may have on your portfolios. Studies and actual account after tax performance have shown by tax loss harvesting and tax aware trading, 1-1.5% annual returns can be saved from going out in taxes.5

It’s important to remember that financial advisors also may offer guidance that wasn’t measured in the two studies. Advisors can help develop strategies that protect against the financial consequences of loss of income, and coordinate with other financial professionals on tax and estate management.

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