Review Meeting: 

  • Life: How is life going for you and your family? 

    • Hobbies and Interests​

  • New Financial/Life Goals?

  • New Issues/Concerns?

    • What’s important to you?

  • Health: Any Changes?

    • Insurance​

  • Portfolio & Plan Review

    • Net Worth, Investment Account Review, Retirement Cash Flow Analysis​

    • Review Access My Portfolio

    • Cost Analysis. We are committed to 100% fee transparency, keeping cost low while providing massive financial value.

  • Taxes

    • IRA/Roth Conversions, QCD, Tax Management, Future Tax Reduction Strategies.

  • New Business/Recommendations or Portfolio Adjustments.

  • Are We Serving You Well?

    • What else can we do to better serve you?

    • We grow by doing an excellent job for our valued clients and them introducing us to others. 

If you need to send us any documents prior to our meeting, please upload files using this Secure Link:  PFP Review Meeting  

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