Promontory Client Disclosures

ADV Annual Filing 2020
CRS: Client Relationship Summary

Promontory is required by law to annually update our ADV and send notice to our clients. This notice is required also at time of new client engagement. Please read our ADV Brochure and Part 2 B for each Investment Advisor Representative you work with.  Please click the pdf document below. 

Form CRS is designed to help retail investors better understand the nature of the relationship and what services they can expect from a financial firm and its individual professionals, primarily in terms of a fee-based account with an investment advisor. Please click the pdf document below.

Client Privacy Policy

Protecting our client privacy is very important to us. Therefore the intent of this policy is to inform you about our collection and use of your personal and non-personal information. The policy is applicable to all clients on how we protect and use your personal information.  Please click the pdf document below. 

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