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Our Philosophy

Most Financial Advisors and Investment firms have very boring conversations! Yes, I said it. They are very boring. They talk about numbers, ratios, returns, standard deviation and a bunch of other financial words that don't relate. We have fun with our clients and discuss what's important to them. We help them answer the big questions. What does money mean to your family? Do I have enough money for retirement? How much money can be pulled out on a monthly basis? Will I run out of money and at what point/age? Are you maximizing your wealth and letting it work for you? What is your risk/return tradeoff? Then we build a plan to optimize those outcomes and give clients a real number they can feel comfortable with to maintain a great retirement lifestyle. Most importantly, we have fun with the planning process and challenge clients to enjoy their hard earned wealth while making a difference and leaving a legacy. We love to see our clients enjoy retirement, travel, family and create lasting memories with those they love and cherish.  

Advisory Fees

Combined Financial Planning & Investment Management Fee

Controlling cost is an important part of building wealth. We are very mindful of the fees you are paying and we are committed to being fully transparent. We are compensated in the form of Assets Under Management. Fees are deducted from accounts on a quarterly basis. *Our fees are 10-25% lower than industry average. We charge .25% to 1% annually.  As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are not affiliated with a large wall street firm, big bank or insurance company which eliminates costly overhead and marketing expenses. We pass this saving on to our clients in the form of lower fees. Our fees will be given to each client in an advisory agreement engagement letter and stated on the investor application. We will also provide our Form ADV & CRS brochure at time of engagement. Fees and account minimums may be negotiable based on such factors as portfolio size, aggregate amount invested with specific investment management programs as well as the simplicity of the asset allocation, implementation, or services required. Certain client circumstances may require a negotiated assets under management fee, flat fee, or separate advice fee.


As fiduciaries, we strive to do what is in our client’s best interests.  Once a plan is mutually agreed upon, we implement with low cost institutional (no commission) mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual stocks and low cost index funds.

* 2016. We invite consumers to review our fees compared to the average advisory fee

**Advisors may also be independent insurance agents licensed to sell insurance products suitable for Client’s needs and goals. In this capacity, Advisor will receive commissions on the insurance products Client purchases.

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