Our Philosophy

At Promontory Financial Planning we believe that a consistent, disciplined approach to portfolio management offers the best chance for success. For you a tailored investment strategy is developed, incorporating asset allocation and diversification designed to meet your precise needs. Our investment philosophy is focused on meeting your objectives while managing risk. The most important part of the approach is understanding your needs and goals. Only then can we begin building your particular investment strategy. We believe this comprehensive approach to discovery and assessment leads to the most critical conversations we have with you. Only when many planning questions and goals have been fully discussed and defined can the investment process begin.

First we act as Fiduciaries.  This is a legal obligation to act in the best interest of a client. We place our clients first. Many brokers and insurance agents call themselves “financial advisors” or “financial planners,” but they may not have a fiduciary duty and in fact may not be required to put your interests first. They represent themselves or their company. Rather than a legal responsibility to act in your best interest, they instead must only provide you with “suitable” financial products. This “suitability standard” is very broad and difficult to impose. As an RIA we are held to the Fiduciary Standard. 

Advisory Fees

Combined Financial Planning & Investment Management Fee

Controlling cost is an important part of building wealth. We are very mindful of our fees and are committed to being transparent and fair. We are compensated by our clients in the form of Assets Under Management. Fees are deducted from accounts on a quarterly basis. *Our fees are 10-25% lower than industry average.  As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are not affiliated with a large wall street firm, big bank or insurance company which eliminates costly overhead and marketing expenses. We pass this saving on to our clients in the form of lower fees. Our fees will be given to each client in an advisory agreement engagement letter and the investor application. We will also provide our Form ADV brochure at time of engagement. Fees and account minimums may be negotiable based on such factors as portfolio size, aggregate amount invested with specific investment management programs as well as the simplicity of the asset allocation, implementation, or services required. Certain client circumstances may require a negotiated assets under management fee, flat fee, or separate advice fee.


Studies have found that lower fees usually equate to better long term results with investments. As fiduciaries, we strive to do what is in our client’s best interests. 12-b1 fees are inherent in A shares, B shares, C shares and have commissions built into the funds that many investors do not realize. We do not use these products. Once a plan is mutually agreed upon, we implement with proven low-cost institutional no-load mutual funds, ETF’s (exchange traded funds), individual stocks and index funds.

*AdvisoryHQ.com 2016. We invite consumers to review our fees compared to the average advisory fee http://www.advisoryhq.com/articles/financial-advisor-fees-wealth-managers-planners-and-fee-only-advisors/#Percentage-AUM

**Advisors may also be independent insurance agents licensed to sell insurance products suitable for Client’s needs and goals. In this capacity, Advisor will receive commissions on the insurance products Client purchases.

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