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Celebrating the Freedom to Invest Well

Updated: Jul 2

I am so grateful to live in a free nation. I am so grateful for the freedom and right to pursue happiness, as established in the Declaration of Independence. Thanks be to many unselfish individuals that sacrificed much, even their own lives, so we can enjoy these freedoms today. 


These freedoms don’t guarantee desirable outcomes, but they permit us to have a say over how our lives go…if we choose wisely. I wanted to share some thoughts on how the principle of sacrifice and blessing of freedom can help investors obtain more desirable outcomes. 


Worthy Investor Sacrifices 


Being an investor in the stock market is not easy, at least not always. We face recessions, bear markets, negative news stories, and the constant presence of uncertainty. 


Investing requires investors to sacrifice near-term comfort and certainty for a better potential future. It is not uncommon for investors to experience anxiety, fear, and temptations to make the wrong decision at the wrong time. The sacrifices investors make are not easy, but they are worth it! 


Investor Freedoms 


Investors are free to make whatever decisions they want, but sometimes those decisions end up being costly. I have contemplated what freedoms can best help us invest well and share with you three freedoms that help investors invest well. 


  1. Freedom to customize an investment strategy to your preferences and goals 

  2. Freedom to ignore the media…they use information to get clicks, not help you 

  3. Freedom to search for additional information, not relying on biased headlines 


My primary role is to help my clients reach their goals. This requires wise decision-making across a myriad of market and economic environments.  


It is not easy making the requisite sacrifices and using our freedoms to make the best decisions, but that is what I am here for. I can help alleviate the burden of sacrifice and ensure decision-making is in line with your personal plan of success. 


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