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Practicing Gratitude

Tis the season of gratitude. Thanksgiving is perhaps one of the most underappreciated holidays, but most needed. Because Thanksgiving is not marketable, there is not publicity on it. Instead, it’s all about consumerism. The focus is not on giving thanks, it is about getting a good deal. Retailers are now starting their “Black Friday” sales before Thanksgiving.

Unless we are intentional in our thoughts, we too may spend the Thanksgiving season thinking of things we want rather than things we are grateful for.

Last month I wrote about creating happiness in our lives. One way to create happiness, despite whatever circumstances we are in, is to practice gratitude. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we control whether we choose to be grateful.

We should be thankful for much; in fact, we probably don’t spend enough time counting our blessings. And that is life. While we do our best to be thankful, it is often short-lived.

Choosing to See the Good

With every decision, every life event, it is our choice to see the good in it. Even bad outcomes and decisions can be significant positives if we learn from them and become a better person. But we must choose that.

There are people who are thankful for the smallest things – you probably know a few. They are like magnets. We want to be around them because they exude love and joy. And then there those who are impossible to please, those we can’t wait to get away from. Choose wisely who you are around. Like it or not, we tend to take on traits of those we surround ourselves with. Want to be more grateful? Spend more time with people who practice gratitude regularly.

Thank You

I am grateful for you. Thank you for your trust and confidence in me. Thank you for the privilege to know and work with you. Thank you for trusting my advice. Thank you for being a patient investor, I know it’s not always easy. And thank you for choosing me as your partner on this journey.

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